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LLama Unleashes the Alpacalypse

In the hilarious follow-up to Llama Destroys the World, Llama’s back and ready to destroy the world AGAIN… this time with his friend, Alpaca!

Llama loves cooking. And baking. And, above all, eating.

For breakfast, Llama makes one big mess and Llama hates cleaning up messes.
So by lunch, Llama has cooked up something really devious―an idea!―and by second lunch, Llama has cloned his most fastidious friend, Alpaca, to clean his house. Llama doesn’t stop at just one clone.

By dinner, the alpaca clones threaten to tidy the world into utter destruction―THE ALPACALYPSE IS HERE!

Will Llama be able to fix it all before dessert?


Praise for Llama Destroys the World


"Dessert has never seemed so epic." ―Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

"Silly fun."―People Magazine

"The goofy premise itself will elicit giggles, but it’s innocently wide-eyed Llama who really sells the silliness of the story."―The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, Starred Review

"[A] super silly, amazingly original, best-when-read-aloud picture book."―BookPage

"Filled with llama drama and will having everyone laughing out loud."―Romper

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